Construction Administrator

Rhodes+Brito Architects is looking for a Construction Administrator with a minimum of 12-15 years of experience to join our team in Orlando, FL. The ideal candidate will be responsible for Construction Administration.

Construction Administrator, your duties will include the following:

  1. You will “observe” and document the construction process of all our active construction projects. 
  2. Participate in on-site observations and develop Field Reports as required
  3. Preparation of minute meetings at each construction meeting
  4. Provide Quality Control of construction documents
  5. Pictures/Video (if required) of various documenting construction process
  6. Initial review and process of RFI’s and Shop Drawings
  7. Maintain RFI and Submittal Database
  8. Coordinate with Lead Architect
  9. Monitor project schedules and budgets
  10. Interface with contractors and construction managers
  11. Understanding and implementation of Building code requirements in project design requirements.
  12. Assist in processing Change Orders, Supplemental Instructions, and Potential Change Orders
  13. Assisting Owner/Project Manager in substantial completion review and approval
  14. Develop Punch List documentation
  15. Assisting Owner in obtaining all required project warranties and close-out documents

Project Architect

Rhodes+Brito Architects is looking for a Project Architect with a minimum of 10 years of experience to join our team in Orlando, FL. The ideal candidate will be responsible for the leadership and technical execution of project design, building code and stamping, and technical quality of project documentation.


  • 10 years minimum of experience in institutional and non-residential architecture
  • FL. License or NCARB Certified is preferred
  • Technical knowledge of current building codes, construction materials and methods, Revit/CAD, project execution, engineering systems, and production of rendered images


  • Review and understand project objectives and establish architectural concepts and design requirements for various projects
  • Coordinate and collect project data through client interviews and on-site fieldwork
  • Assist in the development of project concepts, layouts, aesthetics, materials and finishes
  • Prepare construction documents using Revit/CAD and editing specifications
  • Lead or participate in the construction administration effort as necessary
  • Foster/mentor intern staff
  • Prepare and lead meetings with subconsultants and/or clients and document decisions along with other relevant information via meeting minutes
  • Develop project contracts and proposals
  • Sign and seal drawings and specifications
  • Coordinate and direct consulting engineers and develop sub-consultant contracts
  • Supervise others in the preparation of construction drawings, design, and specifications for a variety of projects with minimal supervision and direction
  • Provide Quality Control document reviews
  • Maintain project financial management/controls
  • Assist in marketing efforts which may include verbal presentations, graphics, and client development
  • Assume a leadership role in the development of Client Management
  • Contract management of sub-consultants
  • Manage project teams including Project Architects and Project Coordinators
  • Support Market Sector Leader
  • Participates in the discussion on business affairs, staff, etc.

Design Architect

Rhodes+Brito Architects is looking for a Design Architect to join our team in Orlando, FL. The ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience in the design of commercial and institutional projects. They must be able to develop design ideas for presentations and meetings with clients. Candidates must be knowledgeable with Sketchup Pro, Revit, and other 3D Software products. Excellent communication skills are a necessity.


  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in programming, planning, and design of commercial and/or institutional projects
  • Florida Architect Registration is preferred
  • Excellent technical skills, particularly in CAD software like Revit, Photoshop, Sketchup, etc., required
  • Strong design skills and passion for creativity


  • Provide programming and planning tasks for various institutional projects
  • Assist in marketing and proposal preparation
  • Meet with clients to discuss the design requirements for new constructions, alterations, or repairs
  • Provide clients with suitable design recommendations based on factors such as budget, the building site, and recent trends
  • Use CAD software and manual drawing techniques to produce architectural plans for management and client approval
  • Rework and modify designs based on comments and reviews from leadership and clients
  • Provide management with estimates on cost, time, machinery, construction, and other specifications
  • Work with team members and consultants to develop designs and provide support as needed
  • Ensure all vital information and documentation is recorded and maintained
  • Conduct research and attend workshops and conferences to remain up to date with the latest design trends
  • Ensure that all layouts and blueprints are compliant with industry codes and legal standards